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Latest Reviews
  • G0dLess - 22-07-2018 9:40:05 am
    i really don´t like but i guess if you´re a teen that´s for you
  • vio2k5 - 22-07-2018 5:02:10 am
    This review includes spoiler!
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    asgedomy because she is going to frame joe as the killer of the other guy. Having Kathy around would of put her story at risk so she was killed. So you can see its very simple really if you think about it, not stupid at all.
  • avitan14 - 21-07-2018 8:47:43 pm
    10 /10
    the show is really good but the original show is much better in my opinion -"Beverly Hills, 90210"
  • avitan14 - 21-07-2018 8:46:36 pm
    10 /10
    the show is really good but the original show is much better in my opinion
  • JiaonduThee - 21-07-2018 12:57:39 am
    haha get triggered... this isn't some serial you binge watch, it deserves better
  • avitan14 - 21-07-2018 12:45:05 am
    10 /10
    I finally finished watching all nine seasons of this show. I don't know what to write about this show, I am honestly out of words to say about this amazing show, and I think if someone hasn't watched this show until the end or at all, he can not say he watched a TV show in his entire life.
  • Loob - 20-07-2018 8:58:56 pm
    10 /10
  • B4D4SS - 20-07-2018 6:19:13 pm
    WHO DAFUK IS KATIE?? FYI, theres a spoiler option you dooche!!
  • asgedomy - 20-07-2018 7:45:43 am
    why they killed Katie . thats the stupid part
  • avitan14 - 19-07-2018 7:55:02 pm
    10 /10
    I love this show, I really do recommend it.
  • mkh102 - 19-07-2018 7:21:28 pm
    How kind of you to enlighten us!!
  • Findel - 19-07-2018 11:22:36 am
    8 /10
    Honest, at first it reminds of the older fantasy series i used to watch a decade or more ago, but the more you watch it the more things one starts to enjoy. Especially some of the of the smaller characters positively surprised me for being a bit above the regular daftness one is used to expect of them. Its definitely no master piece but I'm invested to see it play out.
  • G0dLess - 19-07-2018 11:19:12 am
    i like the new suits
  • darkharvest - 19-07-2018 2:29:19 am
    s20 e10 vshare.eu/25rukliv1gn8.htm
  • B4D4SS - 19-07-2018 1:19:41 am
    1 /10
    haha trending for the wrong reasons? shite
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